This time it’s DiGiorno. The pizza company tried to get their brand some buzz by using the Twitter hashtag #WhyIStayed, an organic campaign shedding light on victim-blaming of survivors of domestic abuse. DiGiorno did no research to find out what the hashtag was about as is obvious from their contribution to the dialog: “#whyistayed You had pizza.” To deconstruct what happened, the likely explanation (now confirmed) is that DiGiorno’s social media staff simply looked up what was trending on Twitter and jumped on the bandwagon.

This sort of thing happens whenever there are 3 factors present:

  • there is a rush to get stuff out the door,
  • there aren’t proper controls in place and
  • the organization doesn’t take social media seriously.

Would such a careless error have happened for a direct mail or advertising campaign? Of course not. Until company managers start taking social media seriously and creating more oversight they will be unwitting assassins of their own brand equity.


Image source: Adweek