We have exciting news to share!

Today we announced our partnership with Cutting Edge Capital (CEC), the leader in helping social-mission driven companies raise capital through Direct Public Offerings. It’s not everyday that you encounter a company that helps small and mid-sized businesses raise capital in a way that fits with their unique business model and long-term goals.

Direct Public Offerings (DPOs) have been around for years, even before the whole idea of crowdfunding became popular (Ben & Jerry’s famously used it) but still flies under the radar.  DPOs allow a business or nonprofit to market and advertise its offerings publicly and to anyone, by any means it chooses.  That’s right, it’s a way to raise money that anyone can access. You can learn more about DPOs here.

In their quest for a marketing partner, CEC was looking for a firm  that had extensive experience meeting the needs of small to mid-sized businesses in a wide spectrum of industries.

We are thrilled to partner with CEC to help highly innovative companies raise capital through the DPO crowdfunding model.  

We want to give a special shout-out to the CEC team: Jenny, John, Andy, Martha, Brian and Kim  for welcoming us. Our team is enthusiastic to be working with such great social-driven companies.

You can read the press release online.