Have you heard of Trello? Chances are the answer is yes. Our random sample of associates and friends suggests a very high number of people know the name even if they don’t know what the company does.

This is probably partly due to what’s happening online. Our social media team tracked several brands in the project management space over a recent 10 day period. The results suggest there are consistently  more conversations happening around Trello than all other brands combined.

 Trello Asana Wrike Smartsheet Social Media Comparison

Now the fact that Trello is off the chart vs. Asana, Wrike and Smartsheet doesn’t mean the product is a runaway hit. As other brands have shown over the years, for example FourSquare, lots of buzz in a short period of time is driven by a heard mentality but that doesn’t always translate into a good business.

Taking a closer look at the data we see that when it comes to share of voice within the project management segment, Trello while showing strong results, is not nearly as dominant. That might suggest that all the attention Trello is getting is from tire kickers whose enthusiasm will wane.

Brands need the right people talking about them – paying customers. That’s where a good social media strategy can play a big role in helping a brand attract leads.

Every company needs a narrative about their products to guide content marketing otherwise you end up with a jumble that has no resonance or recall for your audience. Is your B2B marketing team using a content strategy or is just fire and forget tactics?

For social media marketers It can be hard to plan more than a week or month out so CMOs need to set direction.

Social media offers an excellent communications vehicle to tell your story: pictures.

Here’s an example of a post from Trello showing how tasks appear in a calendar view.

Good Trello Social Media Example

The post is excellent on several fronts. First, Trello is clear on who the intended audience is: event planners and content managers. Second, you get just enough of a glimpse of the product for your imagination to paint a larger picture for what’s going on.

Here’s another example from a competitor showing “how to reproduce certain bugs” which will be lost on potential project management customers that encounter it. (And may harm the brand by associating it with software bugs.)

Bad Asana Social Media Example

With a well constructed content strategy, social media efforts can help B2B companies paint a picture and capture interest from prospective customers. Without one social media is just busy work.