According to the 2014 Agfunder Report a total of $2.36 billion was invested across 264 deals in the AgTech sector last year with an additional $2 billion invested in cleantech projects. What’s impressive about this statistic is not only the sum of capital changing hands but the number of companies involved in the deals. With potential million-dollar investments at stake, how does your brand plan to stand out?

While cleantech investment showed a decrease overall from 2014 to Q1 2015, a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers shows that first-time funding actually increased from $0 in Q1 2014 to $14 million across 9 deals in Q1 2015.  Investors are looking for new projects, is your company even on the radar? Many of these projects have decided to list with crowdfunding platforms such as Agfunder, GridShare, and CuttingEdgeX allowing these new companies to solicit investments from more than just institutions and accredited investors. The world of cleantech investing is coming to main street investors, so how do you reach them?

The first step to a good campaign is knowing your audience.  New investments in clean energy soared in Q2 2015 with $73.5 billion invested in projects worldwide according to a recent report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Whether you’re targeting venture capitalists looking for their next green investment or farmers who need a more precise watering system for their crops, you need a marketing mix that appeals to them and will make your message stick.

Cleantech primary and follow-on investing 2012-2015

As ads become easier to avoid, companies need to look for the right channels to engage their customers and generate brand awareness. Social media has become an indispensible part of any marketing mix, especially for crowdfunding platforms.

Custom content is a powerful tool and helps educate potential investors about the story behind your technology. Your project is more than just a product, it’s a new way of living that’s also healthy for the planet and your mission needs to be heard and understood.

Mercury360 offers full service marketing, content, and design services that can help make this happen. We’ll even setup webinars and live events so you can reach out to investors directly.

Not every company has time to dedicate personnel to specific marketing campaigns. You have products to improve, investors to woo, and ideas for new technologies that you need to engineer. But, somehow, you still need to get your brand out there. That’s where Mercury360 can help.

California is at the epicenter of cleantech innovation with 33 of Cleantech Group’s Global Cleantech 100 companies residing in our fair state for the 2014 year. The list includes Arcadia, SunRun, Alphabet Energy, and QBotix along with many others. That means Mercury360, located in San Francisco, is poised to lend a hand from the inside to help your company emerge from the list directly into the minds of investors and customers. 

Cleantech 100 companies to watch

Recently we’ve worked with WaterFX and HydroRevolution along with our partners at Cutting Edge Capital, to launch a $10 million investment crowdfunding campaign to the California public. At the beginning, we helped WaterFX define their target audience and construct a messaging platform, now we are helping the company to create and design outreach materials such as brochures, web pages, press releases, slide decks and advertisements.

If you’ve got great technology but not sure where to start, or if you need help managing an investment crowdfunding campaign, we can help your company handle everything from social media to media relations and make your voice heard. Who knows, maybe you’ll even make next year’s Global Cleantech 100.