Social media is much more than a technology story,

it’s a societal phenomena.

MTV becomes BET

When we heard about a national pastime that involves watching wood burn on national TV we thought how wonderful to discover new regional customs. Then we thought: there must be a way to weave this into a blog post.

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Move that tweet to email

Your customer service team just discovered someone tweeting about you. Now comes the hard part: are they trained to handle it?

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Pew Research on Time Spent on Facebook

38% of 18-29 year olds say they expect to spend less time on Facebook in the coming year. Brands need to take note and follow the crowds migrating to new social media platforms.

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Email makes a claim in the age of social media

Marketers before you write-off email as a way to reach your customers and hail the rise of all things social, you’ll want to consider these stats.

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Latinos Preference for Social Media

Los Latinos en los estados unidos mas activamente usan los medios sociales para interactuar con las marcas de consumo que el consumidor promedio estadounidense.

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