Social media is much more than a technology story,

it’s a societal phenomena.


Consumers are much more candid and real when using social media to express themselves. This has lead companies to start using automated sentiment analysis to make sense of all the conversations on the Internet. Automated sentiment analysis systems determine overall sentiment but can it really detect what consumers are saying?

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Whoops! There goes the brand. Another day, another story of brand destruction caused by poorly executed social media management. Who is to blame, management or worker-bees?

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Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 1.24.41 PM

Social media marketing campaigns seem to have reached a new level in 2014. Being creative, sensitive, and original are all important details to a successful online campaign. Not sure how to start your marketing campaign? We are sharing our secret sauce to create an effective social media campaign.

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The good and very bad of social media marketing.

If you’re managing your social media presence as an extension of your brand marketing you’ve probably got too much creative and not enough customer service. Lessons learned from Home Depot and Charmin.

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A picture paints a thousand words is a lesson well learned by the founders of Pinterest. The darling social media network has transformed how America searches and shops.

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Social media blunders

Do you wonder if you’re getting social media right at your company? You’re not alone. With brand reputation at stake, relegating social media management to the interns is no longer a smart option.

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