Business Development

Welcome to Mercury36o®, we’re glad you’re here.

About the Role

If you have experience selling into consumer brands you’ll appreciate why we’re attracted to this market. We love great brands and helping them stay that way.

As with all areas of the company, we have a fresh perspective on our reps – we don’t treat them as expendable short-timers. Sure you’ll have years of selling success under your belt and experience working to a plan –  but that’s where the similarities to typical sales jobs ends. As a part of the customer care team, you are involved in many aspects of account management including post-sales. This team-based approach creates happier staff and satisfied customers.

We’ve thought long and hard, looked at how others have done it, and then devised our motivational system to be aligned with our people-oriented principles. It’s unlike any you’ve probably experienced before (hint: your OTC isn’t variable). We think you’ll like it.

About You
Beyond great business development skills and solid experience working with consumer brands, we hope you’d describe yourself as a people-person, someone who thrives in a collaborative, team culture.

Next Step
We hope to hear from you. Having a conversation (or better yet, a face to face meeting) is the best way we know to communicate our passion about what we’re doing and to get to know you. So we’ll end it here and direct you to our super-easy form at the right (we like to keep it simple in these parts).

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