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Mercury360® helps companies manage social media and content marketing. Our comprehensive capabilities include managing owned, earned and paid content across online channels. Our features can help you manage online reputation, support customers, build fans, and give you peace of mind.

Social Media Marketing and Community Forum Management

Your brand reputation suffers when your customer’s bad experience becomes amplified through social media, forums and online communities. Mercury360® works for you, gathering intelligence and acting quickly to mitigate damage. We do it by providing a comprehensive “360 degree” view into what is being said about your brand online.

We have extensive capabilities to monitor and analyze the conversation around your brand in multiple languages and timezones and from all the online channels important to your brand.

You’ll have a dedicated team working for you to identify hotspots and escalate them to your stakeholders. We can also act on your behalf, engaging with online users to find resolution and avoid a public flare-up. In either case, we know time is of the essence because online every moment counts.

With Mercury360® you stay on top of the online conversation and avoid surprises. Social media has ushered in a new world for brands. Now you have a partner at your side helping to protect your brand reputation online.

Features & Benefits

  • Social Media Monitoring

    Social media and online communities generate a deluge of data everyday. Senior managers understandably complain about the overload of reports circulated by emails, newsletters, and posted to corporate intranets. Perhaps worse yet, they just quietly ignore it. To get the organization to pay better attention to social media, data has to be relevant, timely and insightful.

    With Mercury360® you receive intelligence that contributes to your success. We distill out noise, focusing on your brand, consumer sentiment, industry developments, and competition that is relevant to you.

    Features Benefits
    Active 24/7 Monitoring If you're like most companies, you've selected one monitoring solution for your organization. The problem is that no one tool gives you the breadth needed to follow what's happening online. And new technology is coming to market all the time. With Mercury360® you get the benefit of having a much broader intelligence gathering capability.
    Comprehensive Coverage
    of Social Media & Online Communities
    From Ars Technica to Yelp we provide practically unlimited reach into forums, microblogs, and discussion boards so you don't have to miss out on the conversation no matter where it's happening.
    Multi-Lingual & Multi-Cultural  Our Social Media Analysts are trained to understand your target personas. They aren't just following the conversation, they're participating in it.
  • Analysis & Intelligence

    Let’s face it, social media isn’t anyone’s only job. Organic initiatives, driven by motivated employees, has been the path to social media for most companies. But it’s not sustainable. Collecting and analyzing data in real-time is a herculean task for any one person or group.

    We’re a resource for your entire organization. All we do is social media intelligence. It’s in our DNA.

    Mercury360® delivers insights by analyzing real-time interactions in the social sphere. You’ll know what’s trending now and what’s around the corner. And continuous monitoring throughout the day means you’ll get to possible flashpoints before they boil over.

    Our Social Media Analysts work closely with you. You’ll get concise reports that clearly illustrate trends that matter most to your business.

    Features Benefits
    Track Followers, Fans and Influencers You never know where the next idea or solution will come from. We help you keep on top of trends so you can profit from the wisdom of crowds.
    Competitive Intelligence
    Industry Intelligence
    Get intelligence on how competing brands are being received by consumers and benefit by avoiding similar missteps or quickly replicating hits in your own product offering.
    Sociographic Analysis Understand how your brand plays in different communities. Our multi-lingual, multi-cultural capabilities provide context you need to address consumer reaction and satisfy customer preference.
  • Reports

    As a standard part of the Mercury360® brand reputation protection service you will receive comprehensive reports on the who, what, when, why and where of social media.

    Each report is generated by your dedicated account team who has intimate knowledge of the conversation happening around your brand.

    In addition to our comprehensive standard reports we offer customized analysis because we know your business needs are unique.

    Features Benefits
    Channels Report Beyond Twitter and Facebook there is an active conversation happening about your brand. We'll give you visibility, help you stay connected, and help you engage.
    Share of Voice Report Every topic you care about your competitors care about as much. We'll help you measure how influential your brand is in the online conversation.
    Sentiment Report The good, the bad and the neutral—your customers are in all three categories and knowing who's where will help you win fans, build loyalty and mitigate detractors.
    Competitor & Trends Report We give you early intelligence on consumer tastes and popular trends. We also keep you in the know on what competitors are doing and saying.
  • Alerts

    Social media generates hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of mentions for your brand and products every day. Keeping on top of what’s important amidst the noise takes daily diligence.

    Through automated monitoring and analyst-driven analysis, we comb through volumes of data to create intelligent alerts for you and your stakeholders. We know alerts are not valuable without context. Even a link to the exact mention is useless if it doesn’t tell you who the poster is, what prompted the conversation and who is participating.

    Mercury360® Intelligent Alerts are customized for your industry and specific circumstances. And each comes with analysis so you can quickly determine what action to take.

    Features Benefits
    Real-time Alerting Keeping up with social media data is overwhelming and taxing. Through automated monitoring and analyst-driven analysis, we make sense of the deluge of data for you.
    Stakeholder/Group Level Alerts We create group-specific alerts to route issues to the stakeholders your specify. An alert can be setup for any group from customer service to legal and even for specific regional centers.
    Diagnostics Conversation on social media can be cryptic and disjointed, spanning mulitple users over days or even months. Your Mercury360® team will analyze the issues and provide you with context to decipher what is being said and why it's important.
  • Social Engagement

    With data, reports and insights in hand, the real work of social media can now begin. Mercury360® gives you unparalleled capacity to engage with consumers and participate in the digital conversation.

    Our Social Media Analysts are on the job, around the clock for you. Our analysts pride themselves on the skill and sensitivity with which they represent clients.

    “Companies today normally hire people with outstanding research and analytical skills. But socially astute analysts will need more, such as the ability to manage and engage an online community of trend spotters and, above all, the curiosity to reach out for novel sources of expertise.” – McKinsey Quarterly, November 2012

    Features Benefits
    Active Listening Following the ripple effects of social media is a daunting task. Mercury360® frees you from time-consuming identification and gathering of all relevant information so you have more time to spend running your business.
    Active Curation The vast majority of consumers online say they expect companies to be paying attention to what's being said. With proactive outreach your brand will benefit from goodwill all around. We nurture relationships and curate content important to your brand.
    Campaign Management We handle all aspects of social media execution, from ideation to creative development to management of terms and conditions.
    Engagement & Escalation With multiple language and time zone options to choose from, we offer you around-the-clock comprehensive capabilities to keep up with prospects, customers and competitors.
    Compliance We help you keep up with FTC and other regulations governing social media. Say goodbye to unvetted employee postings. We've all had our own OMG! moment, it comes with the territory when social media is decentralized. We're accountable to you and singularly focused on protecting and promoting your brand online.

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Based in San Francisco, Mercury360® is pioneering how companies manage social media, and protect & grow reputation online. By working with us companies can have peace of mind that their brand is well represented and thriving on social media.

Today social media and community forums play a central role in how brands interact with and build relationships with customers and no business can afford to be caught outside the digital conversation.

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