Marketing Services for the Cleantech Sector

Whether it’s an alternative fuel source, recycling toxic materials, or growing a more sustainable food source, Mercury360® gets you heard.

Your cleantech company is changing the world.
We can help.

Mercury 360® offers full service digital marketing capabilities to help our cleantech clients achieve even their most ambitious goals. A strong following of supporters and like-minded individuals are the keys to making a change. We know how to connect with your audience and build a community surrounding your company so that you can focus on the technology. The time is ripe for positive innovation and we want to make an impact by bringing your brand to life in the minds of investors and consumers.

While companies like FarmLink, Airware, XAircraft, and SkyCatch are closing deals in the AgTech sector, we’ve been working with our clients to create a brand that will stand out and contribute to the growing trend of social responsibility and impact investing. We’ve had the opportunity to work with WaterFX™ and HydroRevolutionSM on building a campaign and outreach program to raise funds for the construction of a sustainable water source for the Central Valley. Together, we’re taking the first step to combat the effects of climate change in California.



Along with our partners, Cutting Edge Capital, we help our clients create, develop, and execute a marketing strategy to raise capital through investment crowdfunding campaigns known as a Direct Public Offerings. We also offer a host of other digital marketing and outreach services including:

» Social Media Marketing
» Industry Analysis & Intelligence
» Media Relations
» Brand Strategy, Messaging & Content Creation
» Digital & Print Design
» Events Management

If you have a goal that you want to reach but aren’t quite sure how to get there, or don’t have the right tools to pull it off, contact us. We want to see your company succeed just as much as you do!