Social Media Management for Consumer Brands

Social media is happening to your brand. Are you ready?

We offer 360 degree social media management, support, analysis, and reporting to consumer brands wanting to improve and manage their online presence.

In this digital age where consumers are rating, reviewing, liking, and recommending products through social media before the first big sale can even happen, it may seem that your brand’s social media presence is out of company control but Mercury360® offers ways to manage this chaotic force to make it work in your favor.

It’s not enough to reserve your own Facebook and Twitter handles, Instagram your Back to School look and create boards of your merchandise on Pinterest, that’s only one piece of the puzzle. Increasing follower engagement, responding to customers, answering questions, and trying to make the best out of a bad review on Yelp or other user generated content on your page (UGC) are all forms of inbound social media communications that need to be managed as well.

With all of these moving parts updating and trending daily, creating a consistent, reliable brand image on social media can be difficult at best, but that’s where Mercury360® comes in.

About 74% of online adults use some form of social media and 70% of those users are active on a daily basis1. 81% of users also conduct online research before buying a product and 61% read product reviews before making a purchase2. Some of these reviews may come directly from the company site but may also exist on third party sites such as Yelp where your company has little to no control over what is said. This means that many potential customers are exposed to a brand and its products through social media before encountering the company’s own website or store.


With all of the information out there being generated by customers and read by their peers, how is your consumer brand going to engage with new users on your own terms?

The answer is simple; while what is presented through social media cannot be controlled by one company, it can be managed through a dedicated and attentive team. At Mercury360®, we use our online listening platform to pick up on online conversations surrounding your brand or industry and feed that information to our social media specialists who seek out opportunities for your company to grow through online feedback.

You don’t have to take on social media alone, let us help you:

» Monitor and respond to user generated content on your branded pages and third party sites
» Create a consistent social media presence across all of your desired platforms
» Curate your social media content to engage and grow your follower base
» Manage promotional campaigns, contests, and advertisements

Learn more about the features of our fully managed service:

Mercury360® social media management is ideal for consumer brands in the following sectors:

  • • Apparel
  • • Hospitality
  • • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • • FMCPG
  • • Retail
  • • Sporting Goods
  • • Travel