Social Media Marketing & Management for the Healthcare Sector

The search for healthcare now begins online, thankfully Mercury360’s digital marketing services have you covered.

Whether it’s learning how to reach millennials in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, conquering the world of social media, or educating your patients through trusted channels, Mercury360® has you covered. The world of healthcare is changing, giving patients more control and more choice over selecting the right program for their needs. This means healthcare providers are now in competition to earn patient trust and loyalty like they never were before.

How is your healthcare organization going to stand out in a marketplace with other strong, trusted brands? What are the best ways to retain your current patients? We think the answer comes down to a strong marketing mix that includes custom social media programs, informative content, and direct customer engagement. The digital world is expanding, and your company has the opportunity to grow along with it.


In the past year, 72% of internet users said they looked for online health information only 13% of these started at a site such as WebMD dedicated to medical information. The rest turned to search engines and were provided with a plethora of information that they used to diagnose their condition, seek out a doctor, or decide between healthcare providers.

By using basic search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, users are getting much more than official websites and documents to help them decide which provider to go with: they’re also getting social media links and reviews on Yelp from former patients. All of this input is affecting the way patients view your brand.

Highlights from Mercury360 Physician Search Engine Study:
Based on a study conducted by Mercury360, social media sites serve as a prominent source for consumers searching online for healthcare information.

The graphic below shows the results for over 200 doctors searched in the SF Bay Area across 10 medical professions. The result: Your website isn’t the very first thing coming online in patients’ searches. Instead, they’re reading reviews and profiles on third party social media sites.

» On average 53% of all links on the first Google results page are for social media sites.
» Many of these links are in the top 3 results per page
» Over half of the results listed a social media site as the first link


So what does this mean for the healthcare industry? It’s simple: in order to gain new patients, you need to be online networking with your patients. Let us take care of the details with our full-service digital marketing including:

• Online listening and reporting of your brand’s mentions on third party social media sites
• Social media content curation and customer response
• Social media platform setup and management