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Looking for a marketing agency to manage your social media and grow your reputation online? As we like to say, we speak your language.

Welcome to Mercury360®

We’ve been where you are and faced the magnitude of marketing challenges you confront on social media and community forums everyday.

Our focus on social media marketing, and community forum management helps you keep on top of what’s happening online. We can help your brand, company or organization stay relevant, prominent and connected with your customers.

Today, user generated comments create a continuous, unsolicited feedback loop on everything from your new logo to a bad experience with your product or staff.

We help you stay ahead with active social media monitoring, proactive engagement on community forums, and content creation to keep your online reputation well protected.

To keep informed on all channels, be responsive to digital conversations, stay relevant and build a strong reputation online requires new resources and new techniques.


  • Proactive is good. A good start that is.
  • You vs. Social (David vs. Goliath)
  • Beyond Metrics
  • Only big all disasters matter
  • Haphazard Communications is Hazardous
  • Proactive is good.
    A good start that is.

    Social media brings out the creativity. Companies and organizations are running promotions, sharing videos, promoting local events and even helping out with recipe suggestions for date night—all over social media. It’s hard to find an ad today that doesn’t come equipped with a Twitter handle or Facebook page. Being proactive on social has become pretty standard and boy did it happen fast.

    But you can’t rest with a campaign-driven approach to social media alone. Online conversations continue well past the ask-a-question sessions on Twitter. And user generated content is happening on and off branded channels on forums and online communities.

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    If you understand the power of social media then you know it’s a two-way street. Mercury360® social media monitoring and intelligence complements your existing outreach efforts. We keep you in the know and engaged so you aren’t left out of online conversations around your brand, organization and industry no matter where it’s happening. From consumer reviews and questions to colorful employees posts, if it’s happening you’ll know about it.

  • You vs. Social (David vs. Goliath)

    There’s one word for it: heroic. Leading brands are drinking from a fire hose today trying to keep up with the tsunami of data unleashed by social media.

    You receive weekly reports in your email box and sit through presentation after presentation extolling the numbers. Making sense of it all is not an easy task, taking action less so.

    And it’s not just the volume, it’s the complexity of multiple languages, countless channels and topics that span everything from an experience with your product to interaction with your employees. Your brand has never been more open to evaluation, review and yes, criticism.

    You don’t have to do it all yourself. Mercury360® is your partner in the battle. Our social media monitoring and intelligence capabilities keep you in the know and engaged. And our content creation and search engine marketing keeps your brand prominent and relevant.

  • Beyond Metrics

    You’ve got share of voice metrics, blogger clout rank, and follower numbers to rave about. Social media has created not just a deluge of conversations, it has created a maelstorm of metrics.

    Measurement is important but it’s not enough.We provide the intelligence you need.

    Today anyone can share a personal opinion about your brand, products or customer service and everyone can read it. Influence happens in unexpected ways and your detractors need not go far to find followers.

    Mercury360® goes beyond just the headline numbers to give you greater capability to engage and influence the online conversation. If you’ve ever felt awash in a sea of data, without a plan of action, you’ve come to the right place.



    Data and more data. Marketers are swimming in it. But getting to where the conversation is actually happening, and influencing consumers, goes well beyond data collection.

    Source: Unmetric Blog


    It’s a funny thing. The things we can’t anticipate we’re actually pretty well prepared to handle. We’re thinking of those big crises when you bring in your PR specialists, the ones that help you manage the press and fallout. Not pretty (and you’d rather not) but you know how to do that.

    Well social media is the inverse. It’s the crisis you can anticipate but probably aren’t resourced and prepared to handle. Everyday it’s like a thousand paper cuts on Yelp or one of the countless sites that seem to pop up everyday and exist for the sole purpose of letting off steam.

    Our advice to you: don’t throw in the towel. Instead talk with us and let us show you a proactive way to respond to the social media crisis.



  • Haphazard communications is hazardous.

    Everyone in your company or organization is excited about social. There’s an infectious buzz about tweeting, following, liking and sharing and the “social enterprise” feels like a brand new day for getting the company message out.

    But you’ve been here before. Like all new trends, this one is going great guns until the reality of day-to-day work, deadlines, meetings, quarterly deliverables, and rush assignments returns everyone to their desks.

    We know it’s tough to rely on employees to stay engaged with social media. We too have ridden the tidal wave only to find ourselves wondering ‘where did everybody go?’ when it was time to engage with consumers and respond to content.




    Oops, your employees just went social.


    And on second thought, it wasn’t so easy keeping everyone engaged, coordinated and on-message.

    We can help you cover your marketing bases more quickly and more completely.

    From around-the-clock intelligence to updating content across your channels and boosting your search engine prominence, we deliver a proven solution you can depend on to protect and grow your online brand reputation.

Mercury360® helps companies with social media, content marketing and community forum moderation. We monitor, manage, grow and protect your reputation online.